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Priest: tyrande

Tyrande is surely an ancient night elf, and is particularly the main high priestess on the moon goddess, elune. She had help malfurion and illidan fight the burning legion, protection of kalimdor. She is not only a respected month priestess, is additionally the best choice in the sentinels. Her passion for malfurion alone gave her protect karim more strength and courage. Within the third war comes, she will not cherish the orcs and humans to karim more invasion, but to trust them. Proud and determined taelan DE brave fighting beneath world tree, preventing archimonde further nearby the tree on the planet, for malfurion trap for that spare time.

Druid: malfurion

Career: a teacher rui
Tutor: cenarius
His family: wife-tyrande,wind
Twin brother, illidan, fury wind

He and tyrande gradually feelings, between your priest create tension inside relationship between he with his fantastic brother, illidan. However in the most popular fight the burning legion, all quarrel seems gone. Combat as long as they never cease, given that dark portal is open, the night elves will never be in a position to win. Malfurion think that these are all a result of the well, should to destroy it. Illidan couldn't refuse the temptation of magic, when malfurion and tyrande wanting to attack the queen had betrayed them.