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Race: the orc (frost Wolf clan)
Career: shaman with the prophets
Status: the orc tribal chief

Thrall is the orc Du Longtan and Della card (form) the sole son. Du Longtan couple after the assassination, killer throws an orc children to die on this planet of ice and snow. Later, men named Coleman has black mole human lieutenant (AedelasBlackmoore) found the little one, and brought him to your call Mr Della prison (DurnholdeKeep) human castle, and gave him a human's name - sal, meaning "slave". To actually blackmore sal is not good, the truth is he like slaves "dependency" Thrall.

Over time met a sal put him his or her brother's human girl: Theresa, they are Mr Dellas Blake Moore's servant tower mies folkestone and g LanNiYa's daughter, she wrote instructions and sal often secret communication, but later she became dellas Blake Moore's mistress.