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Warlock: gul Dan

"Hammer of destruction [Doomhammer] won't understand what is waiting for him, because I'm Gul Dan [Gul 'Dan].I used to be the embodiment from the dark, I would not be against."

Race: orcs
Career: storm predator clan chieftains
Alignment: the storm the predator, the shadow council

Gul race because orcs, Dan may be the core group from the warlock, the shadow council seventh faction from the originator, is amongst the key figures in azeroth sowing confusion, he can become unattainable towards tribal forces of evil.

Mage: medivh

Race: human , a demigod (weak power)
Nationality: the kingdom of lordaeron
Alignment: neutral

Medivh in high elves means "secret". Medivh was developed brand new show after, by his mother, aegwynn brought to stormwind castle. Medivh ended up prior to chronilogical age of fourteen and his awesome father, human mage nie lars elamite life together; His mother guardian aegwynn, left the stormwind castle alone.