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Thief: garona

In Draenor Draenor occupation by orcs, many delano insult by orcs soldiers, and Garona [Garona] is the product of the mating. At the end from the war, garona with people who like her orcs became filled with draenor. Due to her footprint throughout draenor, garona master the orcs and delano culture, this let her very valuable to the shadow council, is absorbed and he or she joined the warlock manipulation predator clan of the storm. She soon becomes the leading translation officer, the shadow council [Gul became Gul Dan 'Dan] private spies and assassins. However, on account of her, she always excluded, together to rely on her the wisdom to outlive within this harsh world.

Hunter: Rexxar

Race: half an ogre
Career: the trainer
Title: a bm

Rexxar is that sal (Mok 'McCraw Nathal) last member. He and his awesome best ally brown bear Misha (Misha) at the dulong's tal wilderness hiking for countless years. Reject, nature is his home.Rexxar, as well of orcs and ogres. Is clearly a hybrids.
The death knight: Arthas

Arthas because prince with the kingdom of lordaeron, on the birth through the day, it is determined to its will shoulder the fantastic responsibility. So, within a good family education beneath influence, gradually develop to become a good prince arthas. He's kind, enthusiasm, integrity, courage... Just about all the planet with good quality. Although, sometimes, although show a little pride, but since the heir for the kingdom into the future, he or she is almost perfect. So, his father, ruler, king terenas of lordaeron and subjects on the kingdom is not just proud to own a really prince, the revitalization with the kingdom, and even the league camp hopes on him. To some degree, arthas right away, lose ourselves, turn into are painted in a number of symbols tags.