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Soldier: hell growl

Lattice roma hell growl which has a soldier's demeanor, response quickly and is also caught off guard. Pleased with their particular merits, however like allegiance to sal (or other owner), they are quite happy with his warsong clan chiefs. Roma is respected, he admires the enemy's brave. His efforts in order to develop their particular race, to keep the tradition with the clan. Although sarkozy calmed his soul, but he had been excited by suppressing anger. He spoke in a low voice, and command once the sound is deafening.

Lattice roma devastating power inside melee, while its himself knows this. He's desirous to into your enemy war, filled up with rage, using a powerful roar (Gorehowl) manufacturing destruction of blood. Despite the fact that he knew to kill an opponent mage, or healer raises their tactical advantage, but they are more prepared directly target an excellent warrior. From the combat with the enemy, he can use crit rate and the maximum damage ability, when there are a few enemies inside side, he will operate the whirlwind.

Paladin:Tirion Fordring

In the open prior to a wrath in the lich king, butyl name will possibly not be informed about; But I'm afraid that this knights in the silver hand with the name, the world no-one could. Since the founder from the knights in the silver hand uther lightbringer of intimate friends, in those times, ding is among the most noble paladins in order status. First performance in the second war clear conscience in the silver hand from the divine name. Relocating ronggui, butyl returned to his family, live a contented and peaceful life, until a chance encounter:

Fordring found a reclusive orcs, 2 different people to fight - never happened beside the ruins with the tower collapsed, quilt pieces of butyl lost consciousness.